Mindful Thinking

Our thoughts are a part of us based on the experiences, interactions, and teachings we have had.   When we able to be mindful, observant, and intentional with our thoughts, we are able to direct how our day goes.  Doing this each day allows us to change the entire trajectory of our lives. 

It is critical that we begin to really watch our thoughts and choose thoughts that support us. When life feels overwhelming and we are experiencing challenges or high-stress situations, it becomes difficult to be aware of our thoughts.  Paying attention can help us to find clarity and peace through the chaos.  It can help us to clear a path to a solution.

As we become more aware of the thoughts we think, we becomemeditation 1837347 640 empowered to control the narrative of our lives.  Our thoughts form our beliefs.  If you think a thought often enough, it becomes a belief.  That belief then influences how we proceed and the success we have on that specific subject.

Thoughts are just thoughts until we add feelings to them, and begin to tell stories around them that remind us of sad, challenging and painful times.  Then those thoughts gain a momentum and power in our lives, influencing the story we tell about ourselves.

What would it be like if we could just observe our thoughts?   What would it be like to just be with our feelings no matter how challenging they are at times – without adding narratives and story lines from the past, from the future, and maybe even from the now?

Just today, be aware of the thoughts you think.  Do you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself or a situation?   Do you notice feelings attached to this?  Take it one step further.  What is the belief you have attached to this subject?  Is this a belief that needs to change?   If so, can you change your original thought to something a little better?  

Your feelings are your guidance system, making you aware when something does not fit who you are.  There is no judgement in the feelings you have; there is no right or wrong way to feel.  Can you be with your feelings on a certain subject without attaching the weight of where they stem from?   Do you have feelings that you wear like invisible weights, dragging you down?  Take a moment to sit with your feelings on a subject you are struggling with.  Notice each feeling as it comes up.  Honor that feeling for guiding you and allowing you to see what doesn’t fit who you are. If this feeling does not serve you any longer, dissolve and send it into the ether, releasing it.  What would you rather replace this feeling with instead?   This is not an easy path, but taking stock of the thoughts we think, the feelings we attach to them and the stories we tell, allows us to begin healing step by step, and create a life that fits with who we are.

As we choose our thoughts with greater purpose, we can raise our vibration, and create our life anew.

What action are you going to take to be more mindful of your thoughts?

Many Blessings