The Right to Dream

When we have experienced trauma, many of us, somewhere along the way, forget how to dream.  Perhaps it is because we are focused on our healing; it may be that we feel we can no longer dream, or are not worthy of chasing a dream. We may even feel as though the dream is very possible but we don’t deserve it.

It is scary to dream when you don’t feel like you have the right to dream.  You came into this world for a purpose – living that purpose begins with the dreams in your heart.   Your dreams cannot be right or wrong.  No one else can tell you how your dreams should look or what they are allowed to be.  The only person who can give you permission to have your dream, is you.

No matter what has happened to you in the past, you still have the rightYour past never defines your future to live your dream.  Release any guilt, fear or shame that you don’t have the right to this dream.  You do. You deserve to have every dream you hold in your heart, and your experiences are not a factor in that truth.

Focusing on recovering during and after the trauma we face, is necessary to move forward. However, this state of being can become a habit.  Part of healing and moving forward is knowing where you want to go.  This begins by revisiting the dreams that you had before.  Ask yourself if those dreams are still relevant.  If not, and the growth you have experienced as a result of the trauma has changed your dreams, then what are your dreams now?

Give yourself ten minutes to write down everything you would like to be, do and have, and everywhere you would like to go.   Write your wishes as if money, time, and current responsibilities are not a factor.  Write down everything that comes to you whether you think it is possible or realistic, or not.  This is your dream list. 

When you go after your dream, you uplift everyone around you.  They may not understand at first.  Some may even try to hold you back, or tell you that you don’t deserve this dream or can’t succeed.  Hold on to your dream and never let go, no matter what anyone else tells you. 

The beginning of believing that you are worthy to live your dreams, is creating your dream list.  As you read through your list ignore the negative, nay-saying voices and ask yourself why that dream matters to you.  You don’t need any reason other than that it does matter.  If it matters to you, then you deserve to have it.

Chasing your dream is part of healing – it feeds your soul.  You will grow, change and evolve as you move towards your dream.  When you give to yourself by feeding your soul, you have more to give to those who matter to you.  You feel alive, energized and fulfilled.  This has a ripple effect on the people around you, lifting them up too.

What is the dream in your heart that you most want right now?  Share in the comments below.

Many Blessing,