Holistic Psychotherapy Explained

Somatic Experiencing Holistic Psychotherapy for Survivors of Trauma, offer individuals the opportunity to come together under the guidance of an experienced Trauma Therapist, to learn to identify the neurobiological impact of traumatic experiences. In a safe and supportive environment, participants learn to identify common habitual threat responses (internal responses to perceived threats developed due to unhealed trauma), access life-changing resources and how best to regulate their own nervous system.

Holistic Psychotherapy By Santa, LLC is honored to offer a signature brand of integrative holistic psychotherapy used with clients over the last three decades.

Through integrative holistic psychotherapy, Santa provides an approach to wellness that incorporates body, mind and spirit, and combines cutting edge processes, including somatic experiencing, mindfulness, and psychodynamic interventions.  This process unearths long-standing behavioral patterns and negative perceptions that can prevent us from living a fulfilling life.

Whether you are seeking additional support and guidance through a challenging time or simply ready to move in a new direction, Santa assists you in uncovering your highest potential by offering the specific services that provide you with empowering and transformational life experiences.

Holistic Psychotherapy The Medicine & The Movement

Effects of Trauma

Traumatic experiences can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disoriented. Whether the event happened years ago or just the other day, our body, mind and spirit can still remember and at times, be triggered.  

We may experience feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. We might feel lonely and disconnected from others. It may seem like everyone and everything has moved on while we are still hoping and waiting for the emotions from the trauma to pass. Unhealed trauma affects every area of our lives. When we have unhealed trauma, engaging in everyday events might be challenging. We may be compelled to isolate which can exacerbate the loneliness and increase the symptoms of trauma which include feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression, overwhelming fear and phobias.

Overlapping traumatic events can impact our nervous system locking us into habitual patterns that prevent us from being happy, joyous and free. However, we need not despair. There is help and support. You are not alone, many are finding relief by being in a caring, supportive, self-reflective environment.

Group Therapy

In a safe environment, a small group of individuals gather to discuss how traumatic experiences have affected their present life. Through mindfulness/body awareness, members learn to identify the neuro-biological impact of trauma and address many of the common symptoms; stress, anxiety, panic and fear. Managing the symptoms of trauma is possible. No one has to suffer alone. This group focuses on specific tools to free you from the patterns created and developed by traumatic experiences.

This is an ongoing group. A six-month commitment is required for each member. Members are required to schedule quarterly individual sessions with a therapist. Intimacy develops among members followed by greater vulnerability as members begin to feel known. Long term group experiences support personal growth, opportunities to try new behaviors and change old ones.

You owe it to yourself to explore the healing potential of being part of a Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapy Group for Trauma Survivors. Group therapy can be engaged as a supplement to individual psychotherapy or as a primary therapeutic intervention.

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Public Speaking and Training

♦ 50 minute Individual Psychotherapy Session–$180.00

♦ 90 Min. Couple/Family Sessions–$330.00

♦ 1 Hour and a Half Group Session–$90.00

♦ 1 Hour Professional Development/Consultation–$250.00

Public Speaking and Training–Rates start at $300.00/hour (Plus expenses, negotiable)