Holistic Psychotherapy

What is Holistic Psychotherapy?

Holistic Psychotherapy By Santa, LLC is honored to offer a signature brand of integrative holistic psychotherapy used with clients over the last three decades. It is an approach to wellness that incorporates body, mind and spirit, and uses cutting edge approaches such as somatic experiencing, mindfulness, and psychodynamic interventions.
We assist you in uncovering your highest potential by offering the specific services that provide you with empowering and transformational life experiences.

Holistic Psychotherapy The Medicine & The Movement

Who is it for?

Holistic Psychotherapy By Santa uses complementary therapy and techniques that combine Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness and Psycho-Dynamic approaches. Our team has found that this process unearths long-standing behavioral patterns and negative perceptions that can prevent us from living a fulfilling life.

Some clients come seeking additional support and guidance through a challenging time or others are simply ready to move in a new direction.

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