The Enlightened…Conversations with Santa

The EnlightenedConversations with Santa

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There is No Immunity

How does being an immigrant influence the potential of being sexually abused?

Blog 6 Helping a loved one

Helping a loved one

How should you respond if you hear that a friend or family

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I often see, hear and feel like I am back at the



Many friends and family believe that I should not talk about my

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Healing – Part 1

We discussed abuse in all in its forms in the last blog. 

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Warning: Please be aware that some information contained in this blog may trigger

Hope endures

The Journey through Darkness

This series is about exploring my perspective on the journey through abuse

Darkness to light

Running though darkness

“…some things cannot be bubble wrapped” There is no moving through life

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Embrace the Light

The organic flows of life are eternal, always undulating with time.  If