About Santa




Santa Molina Marshall, LCSW, is a graduate of the distinguished Hunter College School of Social Work in New York. In practice over 30 years, Santa has mastered multiple healing modalities. She has worked with thousands over her career in the healing arts. Santa is also an ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Reiki Master and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  Santa holds certifications as a Yoga Teacher from  Satchidananda Ashram  and as a Massage Therapist from Kripalu Center.


“I believe regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender expression, we all have the innate ability to achieve a state of wellness. Traumatic and challenging experiences can have a deep effect on our lives including our physical health. Trauma can affect our nervous system, mental health and shape the way we respond to life as a whole. Trauma can also keep us stuck in toxic cycles of fight, flight or freeze.  Holistic Psychotherapy unweaves unhealthy patterns and teaches us to recognize the effects of trauma and tap into our innate strength to heal the wounds. It also helps us awaken our full potential through gentle, mindful and regulated interventions that provide balance and peace.” 

Holistic Psychotherapy By Santa, LLC is honored to offer a signature brand of integrative holistic psychotherapy that they personally developed and used with clients over the last three decades.  HP By Santa uses an approach to wellness that incorporates body, mind and spirit, and uses cutting edge approaches such as somatic experiencing, mindfulness, and psychodynamic interventions. 

HP By Santa, LLC inspires exceptional, empowering and transformational life experiences. We assist you in uncovering your highest potential by offering the specific services that you deem most useful and helpful to you

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