Meditation transcript

  • Know that no matter where you are and what you may be experiencing, this is only “one” moment, in the midst of many.  By the time you finish reading this message you would have traveled through several moments.
  • Take the next moment to get comfortable and settle in.


  • Imagine that the next moment is one in which you are safe, peaceful and content.
  • Bring the attention to your shoulders and allow them to relax (just drop them), allow your chest and belly to expand and contract by simply by taking 3 long slow deep breaths, tighten your arms and allow them to drop, tighten your buttocks and legs and allow them to drop. Squeeze your entire body, as tight as possible and then drop it. Notice the entire body relaxing further with each breath.
  • Notice your body relaxing and feeling supported. Allow your entire body to continue to relax.  Give it permission to let go for this moment.  Perhaps whispering to yourself, “let go, let go, let go”.
  • Close your eyes and for the next few breaths, just notice the inhalation and the exhalation of your breath.  Notice how your belly rises and drops with each breath. Allow each breath to take you deeper into that moment in which you feel “safe, peaceful and content.”   Stay in this “moment” for as long as you wish.  Know that thoughts will come to you.  If those thoughts are not supporting your “safe, peaceful and content” space, just observe them and let them go, pretend they are a cloud passing through. Continue to notice your inhalation and the exhalation. Bring your attention back to your “safe, peaceful and content moment” at the core of your self, over and over again. Be gentle and patient with yourself.
  • Open your eyes softly and gently,  coming back to this moment, in the hear and now.  Know that at every and any moment that you choose,  you can make your next moment one of “safety, peacefulness and contentment”.
  • Set an intention to visit and notice those moments of “safety, peacefulness and contentment”,  more often. Perhaps you can commit to visiting this page again today and everyday of the week.