Awareness of Thought

Who we are begins with our thoughts.  Our thoughts influence the way we feel and react and the day we will have.   Everything in our life is impacted by the thoughts we think. 

Pay attention to your thoughts.  Your thoughts are what you affirm to yourself about who you are, about the people in your life, as well as your abilities and capabilities. Thoughts are like silent prayers – powerful and impactful. Thoughts have power

Our thoughts influence whether we believe we can achieve something, and if we feel worthy of our desires. Our thoughts create the limits we place on ourselves.  If you love everything about your life right now, and you feel strong, capable and confident, then you are thinking thoughts that serve you.

If, on the other hand, you do not feel satisfied with your life, it is time to pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking.  Often we have a running commentary of thoughts.  This programming may have been borne out of trauma, an unpleasant experience we had as a child, or the words that were given to us about ourselves from those who had great influence on our life.

Let us challenge ourselves between now and Thanksgiving, to keep track of what we are constantly thinking, and the number of times we have negative thoughts each day, the goal being to have less negative thoughts every day.   This exercise is not about berating or criticizing yourself for the negative thoughts, but about cultivating awareness of what is going on in your mind.  We do this firstly, to recognise the power of our thoughts, and secondly to shift our life in the direction we wish it to go, creating our future, one thought at a time.

Observe your thoughts.  Notice the negative thoughts.  What prompts these thoughts?  Is it a person, a condition, a place, or an experience?  Do you find that when you are around certain people, you are most apt to have negative thoughts ?    This awareness of what triggers negative thoughts shines a light on where and when these thoughts happen.  We are not naturally afraid, nor do we naturally feel unworthy, unskilled or experience self-doubt.  All these reactions come from people, places and experiences that created the programming. 

With each day of this practice, do you notice your awareness lessens the negative thinking simply because your attention is on your thoughts?  With only this gentle awareness, do you notice yourself being less and less negative as we approach Thanksgiving?

Our awareness awakens us to how many of our thoughts don’t stem from the core of who we are.  At our core, we are love energy and we don’t feel “less than” in any way. 

Remain gently aware of what thoughts are going through your mind.  You need do nothing else this week but be aware.  If you find yourself having negative thoughts, remind yourself that you are love energy, you are never alone and life is meant to be good.

From this awareness, have you noticed yourself being less negative and perhaps even being kinder to yourself?  Share in the comments below.

Many Blessings,