Believe and Hope…

Believing and holding on to hope when all is going well is a no brainier.  When our life is going the way we expect, or when things are just going smoothly, we have no problem staying hopeful and happy.  We have a great outlook and seem to sail on the energy of “all is going well”.  Being grateful and optimistic comes easy.

But when we experience one tragedy after another one, or when we get tired of waiting for a break that just does not show up, hope does not come easy.  There are times in our life when we feel like we have exhausted our hope and to continue to believe in a better tomorrow or hold on to the idea that things will change, is in vain.

I understand life pushing us to the limit, where it feels like the only thing left is despair. However, holding on to hope and believing that things will change is essential at these times.

Without hope and believe in a better tomorrow life is just too hard, challenging and nearly impossible.  It disconnects us from everything that is good, no matter how small or rare.  It blinds us from the small goodness, available to us all, it erases every single moment we ever experienced joy and it conditions us to look for and focus on the ills of the world.

To hold on to hope and continue to believe, follow this brief daily practice.  I’d love to hear how it goes…

  • Remember a time when life was okay and imagine being there again (or just imagine one a time…
  • Create a gratitude list (no matter how small the list or thing/situation)
  • Sit quietly for 5-10 minutes and just focus on your breath
  • Find at least one person to connect with, and offer a listening ear