Developing your personal power

What does personal power mean to you? Personal power is knowing your voice and your desires, and being fully you in every moment and every interaction.

Your voice is your power of expression.  It is what let’s people know who you are what you stand for and what you will and will not allow.  By voice I do not mean your literal voice but rather the means through which you express yourself.  Who you are right now is perfect.  You will grow and change through every experience and the learning that come from life.  But who you are right now is worthy of being heard.  Allow yourself to express your thoughts and desires instead of keeping them within.Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself

Part of personal power is the way your physically carry yourself, what you choose to wear and how you style yourself.  Style and clothe yourself according to who you are.  That way you show up in the world as YOU and can be fully yourself in every interaction. Be aware of the way you carry yourself physically. Stand tall and proud and claim your personal power by the way you move.  Your presence impacts others, so be you, and know that who you are, is a who the world needs to see.

You feeling are your guide as to the nature of your thoughts.  You thoughts create the experiences and the day you will have.   Think better thoughts and you create a shift to a more positive and happy life.  Claim your personal power by choosing the thoughts you think.  Use your feelings as guide as to whether the thoughts you think, the way you look or what you are doing is true to who you are.   You feelings will let you know what path you on.  When you feel good you are moving forward on a path that serves you.

No matter what you have been through, give yourself permission to claim your personal power of whatever version of YOU, you now are.  Your past does not matter.  Things you deem mistakes are irrelevant.  You can start from where you are right now.  Take one action each day towards fully claiming your personal power.  Make a conscious decision that you will step into who you are at your core from this moment on. 

What action will you take today to claim your personal power? Share in the comments and inspire others.

Many Blessings,