Holiday Self-care

During the holiday season we find ourselves focused on all the holiday traditions we have, the expectations we have of ourselves for this time, and the expectations that others have of us.  Meeting these demands means that we take time away from caring for our beings.  During this holiday season, after the year we have had, self-care is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and those we love. 

A few self-care practices to think about this holiday season:

What makes you happy during the holiday?Self care - surrounded by crystals and stones  Perhaps it is not considered traditional or does not make sense to others, but if it feels good to you and makes you happy, can you add it to your plans?

What do you usually do that you do not really enjoy doing for the holidays?  Can you swap this out with a new tradition that fits you and yours better?  Sometimes we find ourselves setting up our holiday plans as we always have.  However, we have all grown in the last year.  For many, this growth has changed the way we see the world, and what matters to us.  Take another look at your plans and ask yourself if they still fit you.

Consider saying no to things that you do not wish to do and things that make you unhappy.  Saying no is not selfish.  It is a means of establishing what feels right to you and claiming your personal power. When you create boundaries you give a gift to yourself and others. 

When we do something that makes us unhappy or goes against our truth, we don’t generally do it from a place of love.  This means we cannot give our best self to that act.  Instead, if the act asked of us does not resonate, but we do feel the outcome is necessary, how can we do it in a way that fits who we are and gets the desired outcome?

Add one thing to your list that is solely for you.  Perhaps it is adding a yoga class, taking a daily walk, listening to a meditation or audio – whatever it is, choose something that you can fit into your lifestyle in a practical way, and complete daily.  Perhaps you will need to create the time for this, but taking that time, whether it is an hour or just ten minutes, will completely transform the way you feel and the way you move through your day.  It becomes a daily act you can look forward to and use to renew and refresh your being.

Self-care feeds your soul and as a result you can live in a way that fits your being. Living the best version of yourself touches every area of your life in a beautiful and powerful way.

What self-care practice will you do this holiday season?  Share in the comments.

Many Blessings,