Living in freedom

With the world open again, we are able to expand our personal world.

We can choose to see the gifts we gained through these past two years or we can find ourselves focusing on the pain, loss and anger. Many of us have shifted our beliefs on what matters in life and grown in ways we otherwise would not have. We can choose to focus on the good things in our lives right now, even if it is just a good meal. Starting there, we can expand our thinking to constantly seek the good in each experience every day.

The global lockdown shifted so much of the way we function, right down to when and where we eat. The prolonged state ofLiving in Freedom living this way, for many of us, completely changed the way we live our lives. Have we become creators of our own limits? With our returning freedom, we get to examine the habits, actions, and experiences we had let go of – perhaps we haven’t truly realized we can once again include them. We also get to see which habits and routines we were forced to let go of that have benefited us as a result.

Now is the time to examine our thoughts and mindset. Are we limiting ourselves in our thoughts by saying no to things that are once again within our grasp? What thoughts have you stopped allowing, perhaps because during the global lockdown, you were no longer associating with certain people or going to certain places that stimulated these thoughts? You get to look at which acquired thought-habits serve you, which thoughts you have let go of and limited yourself as a result, and how you want to expand your thinking again.

Take some time and answer these questions for yourself, whether out loud or in a journal. Using a journal will give you a visual overview of the possibilities before you.

Here is a quick review:

  1. Make a list of the gifts you have gained. Perhaps you have learned new skills, let go of unhealthy habits, changed who you associate with, or redefined what life means to you.
  2. What 3 to 5 good thoughts, experiences or observations can you find today?
  3. What habits or routines did you let go of that have benefited you? What habits or routines have you added into your daily life that have served you?
  4. Are you unconsciously limiting yourself by not doing something just out of habit?
  5. What thoughts do you find yourself thinking each day – do you limit yourself? Do these thought practices expand your being?

Freedom is a gift we can savor. We can choose to focus on the blessing of being in control again, of making plans and knowing that opportunities are waiting for us. Join me this summer in both celebrating the freedom we have gained as a world, and creating freedom in your personal world.

Many Blessings,