What your mind can do for you

Our strong immune system has everything to do with a regulated nervous system. It is important to have our nervous systems regulated.   So how do we regulate our nervous systems?   We do this by breathing, being mindful and calming ourselves in whatever way works for us. This is a time for us to create as …

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Gratitude and Your Mind

The mind is our most powerful tool for healing.  Studies have proven that there is correlation between gratitude and well-being – gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces negative feelings and toxic emotions. Taking control of our thoughts allows us to control the way we feel, which in turn helps us to take the steps we …

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Holistic Psychotherapy

“ Holistic Psychotherapy, for me is providing clients an ego supportive positive psychology approach that includes safe touch, Reiki and energy somatic experiencing, hatha yoga, meditation, Breathing exercises, visualization, guided imagery, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and spirituality, as the need arises, and based on the client’s interest” The word holistic implies, whole, complete, comprehensive, or as …

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