Gratitude and Your Mind

The mind is our most powerful tool for healing. 

Studies have proven that there is correlation between gratitude and well-being – gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces negative feelings and toxic emotions. Taking control of our thoughts allows us to control the way we feel, which in turn helps us to take the steps we need on our journey of healing and life.

The best place to start taking control of the thoughts you may not be aware you are even thinking, is to begin a daily practice that forces you to think uplifting thoughts.  The more you do this, the more it becomes a habit to notice your thoughts throughout the day.  The mind is like any other muscle – we need to train it in the direction we want it to grow.

Experiencing trauma or darkness in our lives often leaves us feeling unhappy, angry, hopeless and experiencing many other negative feelings.  This is where the practice of gratitude can make a profound difference to us.  By stopping the negative spiral, and even just mentally making a gratitude list of all we have to be grateful in that moment or day, we can change how we feel and where our day goes.  It is never easy to do, but with practice, this can become a tool to keep you in a better place.

Finding gratitude in our resiliency and our post- traumatic growth allows us to see just how strong and capable we are. It also gives us the strength to realize that despite the trauma we have faced, we have what we need within to heal.

Recognizing everything that you have to be grateful for even at the worst times in your life, helps to open your eyes to what you have overcome, survived and already have.  In this space, you are able to find faith and strength to know things will get better.

Equally important is to celebrate our successes.  Finding gratitude in your success helps you recognize personal and professional growth, and gives you the knowing that the next step is reachable; that you have the capabilities within to create the life you choose.

Here is a simple exercise to help you find gratitude around you when you are going through challenges:

Take a moment to consider your senses:

  • What can you see around you to be grateful for? Your home?  A special achievement you worked for?  A loved one?
  • What sounds do you hear that you can appreciate? You child’s voice?  Music?  The birds and animals around you?
  • What smells do you notice? The smell of rain? A good meal? A loved one’s unique scent?
  • What can your hands touch that you are grateful for at this moment?
  • What about taste? Can you eat something right now that reminds you of a wonderful memory or experience?

When you can find gratitude despite what you are experiencing, when you can truly feel that gratitude within, you can experience a shift in your life.  This empowers you by putting you in a better place, and readying you to take the next step on your journey of healing and recovery.

What moment of gratitude did you experience today?

Share and let me know.

Be Well, Be Blessed