Teach, Learn, Live

Life can be a college education if we allow it.  The teachings of life leave a lasting impression, and impacts who we are, the go-to thoughts we think, and the automatic reactions we have.

Each encounter we have with another person can be a moment to learn something new.  Just as we learn, we teach too.  Whether you are in agreement or disagreement, an interaction can teach you many things.  Sometimes we learn new lessons on a subject or perhaps a new perspective; sometimes we learn what we will and won’t accept, teaching us more about ourselves; and sometimes we learn how we never want to behave!  We can allow these encounters to be teachers, or we can turn off our ability to learn and remain oblivious. while you teach you learn

Whatever you are going through right now, embrace the lessons in the experience.    The lessons determine how we move forward in life.  Every moment is a moment to learn, to grow, to heal.  Each person we meet, video we watch or book we read, can be a moment to teach us something new about ourselves or about life.  The lessons we take from those moments, and what we do with those lessons, determine our path forward.

Take a moment to look back on your life and see if you can identify your greatest teacher.  Perhaps it was a person, an experience or a moment that impacted you.  Think about an impactful experience you have had.

  • What was the lesson you learned from this? 
  • Was the lesson you took from it positive and forward moving, or was it a negative that formed a layer of armor and protection for yourself? 
  • How did knowing this lesson influence you as you moved forward in life?  
  • Does this lesson serve you? 
  • Did it ever serve you?    
  • Can you look at this experience again, with grace and compassion about both the experience and yourself and take a lesson from it that can be healing?
  • Can you let go of any thoughts born out this experience that perhaps do not serve you, and rather choose to bring in thoughts that are for your highest good?

Just as we learn from others, we become their teachers too.  Sometimes you share a few words with a person, perhaps the clerk at the grocery store or a client.  Those words, that particular encounter, have forever changed them.  This constant change from learning to teaching influences the environment around us.  We can lift up those around us.  We can allow others to lift us up too.

We teach, we learn, we grow, and we evolve.  That is life. 

Who or what has been your greatest teacher and what lesson did you learn that has brought a positive impact to your life?

Many Blessings