The Elements of Healing

We are beings of made up of energy.   This energy is ours to direct and control as we choose.  All around us, nature speaks to us.  Connecting to the elements can center us and also reminds us that we are really never alone.  Life exists all around us. By deeply connecting with these elements, we are able to find our center, hear our own voice speak the loudest, and live from  our truth.

There is much healing to be found in nature and by connecting with the elements. There is deep healing for the soul, the means to calm the mind, relaxation for the body and a feeling of connection to God/Source, thereby strengthening our spirituality. By connecting to the four elements we can receive healing and feel more connected.

Air is one the most powerful and essential elements.  It is the breath that gives us life; the wind that cleanses the spirit, blowing away the anger, hurt or loneliness; it is the means to release blockages into the ether. 

Earth my body. Water my blood. Air my breath And Fire my Spirit Based on a Native American chant

  • Find a comfortable seated position or lie down on your back, allowing your body to completely relax. 
  • Anywhere you are holding tension, take a moment to release it.  Then slowly breathe in through your nose, keeping your mouth closed.  Inhale for 5 -8 seconds, then exhale as slowly as you can. 
  • Clear your mind, allowing your thoughts to wander where they will.
  • Repeat this process until you feel calm, and filled with relaxation.

Fire is life, heat, passion and hope.  It is the fire that burns within, fueling our dreams and desires; the deep warmth that fills our being when talking with someone we love; the spark that gives us hope in a moment of darkness. 

  • Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet space.  Close your eyes and send your thoughts within. 
  • First seek things that are causing you to feel extreme emotions – something you are excited about, something that makes you feel most alive. 
  • As you think of what it is, picture it clearly in your mind, as if it already exists; as if you are living in the picture. 
  • Notice the emotions that fill you at that moment – joy, excitement, wonder, and anything that feels good to you. 
  • Now holding onto these feelings, open your eyes and observe your surroundings.  
  • Use this new space to move through the rest of your day and notice how much more effortless your day becomes.

Water is the peace and the calm together with the fearsome unstoppable force that lives within.  It is the place where we can find stillness and meditate; or it is the raging of the soul and the force that drives our actions and behaviors. 

  • Be seated comfortably, close your eyes and relax your body. 
  • Take a few deep, calming breathes to quiet the mind.  Don’t focus on anything, don’t think about anything specific, rather just let your mind move along, like a slow moving current of water along a calm river.  
  • Allow stillness and quiet to fill your being.  Perhaps put on a meditation to help you move into this space. 
  • From your new quiet, what comes to you?  What wisdom does your soul wish to share with you? 
  • Let the thoughts flow into your being and settle.  Don’t focus on them or remember the words, just bask in the feelings.  
  • Hold onto these feelings, allow the peace to carry your though your day, and the wisdom received to guide your actions.

Earth is being filled with rock-solid strength and conviction, being rooted in who we are.  It is an element that keeps us grounded, both literally and figuratively; it is the steady, unwavering conviction within. 

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet space.
  • Tune out the sounds around you and listen to the drumbeat of your heart; the steady beating
  •  that lets you know you are alive, you have a purpose and strength, and your presence is connected to the greater whole of humanity. 
  • Touch your hands to the ground (if you are indoors, visualize the earth beneath the floor you are on). 
  • Allow everything weighing you down to drain out through your hands – feel your body being grounded, your mind being centered. 
  • Release anything that makes you feel bad and fill yourself with nature, healing, and the magic and beauty of life.
  • Should you feel out of balance, put your hands on your heart-center and let the steady beat remind you that you hold a special space in the great big world and every person you encounter (virtually or otherwise), has been impacted by your presence.

How did connecting with the elements impact your day?  Share and let me know.

Be Well, Be Blessed