Self-care to feed your soul

When last did you practice the ritual of self- care?

What does self-care mean to you?

To some is might be making time to meditate or do some yoga.  To others it could be taking time to be quiet and go deep within – finding their truth. 

However deep you choose to go, self-care is vital.  If you don’t fill your own cup then you cannot serve another – this is especially applicable to all the mothers reading this.  On an airplane they always tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first, otherwise you won’t be able to help your child.

Too often those with families feel that taking time for self is selfish.  But if you give away everything you have and empty your well, you will be running on empty.  This leads to anger, frustration, and even resentment with no one having a good time, and you being miserable.  Taking time for self-care, even if it is something as simple as a quiet candle-lit bubble-bath, can help you heal within. Through this practice, you renew yourself and truly serve those you love.self love 3969644 640

This year, create the ritual self-care during the holidaysMake it a time for feeding your soul, and loving yourself with the same care you would love another. 

Another part of self-care is figuring out what is important to you, finding your voice and making it heard.  No one can know what you need – only you can.   Communicate with your loved ones and help them understand what you need and why.  Then take time to practice self-care, giving your loved ones the same courtesy.

This way, as you go through the holidays, it becomes a time of joy. You are able to be in gratitude and truly appreciate those you love, because you feel nurtured.

What self-care practice will you create?  Share and let me know.

Be Well, Be Blessed