A Teacher

Becoming “enlightened” is certainly a process, some get it quickly and others work at it all their lives. For me, it has certainly been a process of learning, relearning and most of all remembering to reclaim what I’ve always known, but had felt unable and unwilling, fearful to remember.  I’ve come to understand that through my life experiences, I was forced to or convinced to forget what I knew.  Today I know.  I know that I am an enlightened being and for that I am grateful.doggie_a-teacher

Many would say that to be “enlightened” means to be educated, informed, lettered, and literate, informed, aware, liberal sophisticated, refined, cultivated, open-minded, knowledgeable, liberal and broad-minded.  I would add that it means being teachable.  Obviously it is important to know what you know and don’t.  But it is also essential to know that no matter how much and what you know, there is always room to learn more, become further informed, educated or cultivated. 

I did not always know this, but the truth is that teachers are everywhere, the question is, am I always ready to learn or shall I say able to recognize that I am being taught, even when I don’t recognize the lessons.  Will I allow every opportunity to teach me something, move me towards my wholeness and greatness?  Am I taking note that teachable moments are always being created, consciously and unconsciously?  As a student, I have learned to listen and seek lessons with all my senses.  I have learned to seek always to be taught and to recognize when teachers show up in my life. 

I believe I have always been open to finding teachers and have allowed myself to be taught. I recognize when I have found a teacher and I have no problem embracing their offerings.  I remain open and in a   receiving place, with a willingness to listen.  I recognize that we are all teachers and students at the same time. Somewhere along the way I got that teachings are in the trees, the skies, in animals, and in all situations.  I’ve also come to understand that a teacher does not exploit, manipulate, or is arrogant; a teacher allows themselves to be taught. 


What have you learned lately, from your surrounding and your life?

For the next 24 hours, once a week, take note of who and what you learn something from.  

Share with me the many new teachers you discover or re-discover.

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  1. It is amazing what happens when the student is ready and the teacher shows up. Jordan, my 7 pound Yorkie-PO
    has taught me more about Love then i could have ever thought. He’s taught me that love is patient, unselfish and ever lasting.

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