Actively Seeking Expansion

Empowerment is a conscious choice we get to make.  We can remain where we are right now, with our life picture being what it is.  We can continue to tell ourselves the same stories and hold the same beliefs or we can choose to step onto the path of empowerment.  We can actively seek our personal expansion. We can choose to grow, learn, and open ourselves to new experiences.

If you are not happy where you are, you can choose to empower yourself. Stones with the printed words inspire, dream, imagine, success, create The act of deciding that you want more and purposefully looking for it, brings this into your life.  From this first step, you soon find that a person or an opportunity appears if you are open to it.  And if you step bravely into that opportunity or cultivate that connection, it will bring more such people and experiences to you.  As you continue to empower yourself and choose your growth and personal well-being first, focusing on what you need right now, your life begins to shift.  Within a few months, you will look back and find that the first step you took set you firmly on a new path.

Unconsciously, and often unintentionally, we can become our greatest obstacle in our quest for the life we desire.   When we cultivate awareness of our thoughts, our choices, and our actions, we overcome the unconscious programming.    Often, we tell ourselves the same stories about our past experiences, abilities and potential.  We repeatedly think the same thoughts, which then become our beliefs.  These beliefs then define the direction of our lives.   We can renew and refresh our lives by beginning with our thoughts.

Take a moment to become conscious aware of the thoughts you are thinking.  What thoughts do you think about yourself?  What beliefs do you hold about yourself and what is possible for you?  What thoughts can you change and what will you change them to?

Close your eyes and step into the vision of what you want your life to look like a year from now.  Choose one area to focus on in this moment.  Holding that thought, what can you do to take a step towards your vision?  E.g.  Perhaps you are wanting to start a business – can you hire a business coach?  Maybe you are focused on healing right now.  Is there a community you can join or program you can take that will get you to your next step?

Our beliefs about our past experiences may have held us captive from fully living the life we desire.  Today, know that you can have the life you want if you are willing to take the first step forward and embrace the future ready for you to claim.  The smallest step will start the greatest journey of your life. 

In what area of life would you like to step forward and what step are you choosing to take?

Many Blessings,


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