Planting the Seeds of Your Tomorrow

What do you want your life to look like in a years’ time?  Two years ago, we would never have imagined how our lives would shift, and yet, when the need arose, we adapted.  We learned to work online more, and develop new skills, new habits and new ways of being.

Instead of letting external influences determine when and how you need to change, why not be the one who decides what the change needs to be? You are who you decide to become

As in nature, we plant now and reap the rewards later.  If we plant the same limiting seeds, our lives continue on, stuck in our current version of life.   If we plant new seeds, we change the harvest to whatever we would rather it become. What would you like to plant in your life to bring in something new?

Perhaps you wish to change your mindset or the way you react to a situation, or you may want to traverse further on your healing path.  Whatever you want to bring into your life, now is the time to plant those seeds.

Ask yourself:

  • What would my ideal life look like in one year’s time?  Aspects to think about as you picture your ideal life include your career/finances, health/physical well-being, relationships, mindset/emotional well-being, spiritual growth and your dreams.
  • What small changes can I implement right now to begin to move to that space?

As you consciously take steps, no matter how small, to move in the direction of your dream life, you may not see the impact of these changes immediately.  Draw on the inner strength that has carried you this far and continue on the path.   Be persistent without taking measurements of your implementations.  When you stop measuring the results and focus on the journey, embracing each step fully, you will find desired results of your efforts appearing in your life unexpectedly.

As we plant new seeds, we uncover fear and beliefs about what we can and cannot have.  As these fears arise, we have the choice to give into fear, stop our planting and remain where we are.  Or, we can push past the fears and keep moving forward, despite the fear.  Do this by holding the vision of what you want and reminding yourself that it is possible for you to be, do or have whatever you desire. 

You were born to live a life that makes you happy.  There is nothing in your past that defines what your future should be – only you get to decide that.  You get to choose what tomorrow will be by deciding what you will plant today.  Plant the seeds of a life that you dream about, taking one small step at a time.  You deserve to be fully, unapologetically happy every day.

What are you planting for your next harvest? Share and inspire others.

Many Blessings,