Blooming within

Spring is a time for new growth.  It is a time of healing and blooming. As the world around us in the Northern hemisphere is in a stage of rebirth, so are we continually rebirthing who we are.

Each day through each interaction we are constantly becoming new versions of who we are.   As we grow, we plant new seeds of desire, and through the growth we experience, we bring things into our lives. Just as we see the blooming greenery around us, we need to acknowledge the blooming happening within too.

As we pick the flowers of spring, we need to remember to pick our own crop. Acknowledge that you have grown and take a moment to see what this growth has brought to you.  Sometimes we miss what we have brought into our lives because we are preoccupied and expecting our desires in a specific way and we miss that a better path to our desires has appeared. Or we miss that the results we wished for have come to us in a very different way.

We need to recognize and celebrate our growth and be aware that we have moved forward in our lives.  Even if this growth does not bring noticeable change to our lives, it still moves us forward. You will see that where you are now is not where you were a year ago in terms of your thoughts, emotions, and overall life.  This change happened though your growth.  You can choose the direction of your growth through the seeds of thought and emotion that you plant.

Choose the seeds you wish to plant to change the garden of your life.pathway 2289978 640 Take a look at your life right now.  Have you moved forward in a direction that serves you and brings you joy, or have you felt more unhappy and negative since a year ago?  If you are moving forward in happiness then you are planting the right seeds.  If however you are feeling stuck or unhappy, it is time to change the seeds you are planting.  You deserve to have a life as riotous with color and joy as a magnificent spring garden.

To change your path, change the thoughts you are thinking.  

  • Be aware of the thoughts you think.  
  • When you think a thought that does not serve you, forgive yourself for thinking it, and let it go.
  • Continue to replace that thought with a better one until you have transformed it into a positive powerful thought. Every day, listen to a meditation, music or an audio that uplifts you.

Making yourself feel better through words alone is not sufficient at times.  We can turn our focus to something that brings you joy and makes you feel alive, loved and happy- do that every day.  If that practice starts feeling like work, find something new.  As you genuinely experience happiness, even for a few moments, you raise your vibration and move yourself into a more positive place. Every day, consciously choose better thoughts and do things that make you as happy as possible, and the feeling of happiness will become a habit.  You will start to notice your life moving forward in a direction that you desire.

What practice can you do daily to feel happy? Share in the comments below.

Many Blessings,