Building Happiness Brick by Brick

Building happiness happens one brick at a time.  So does forgetting how to find our happiness.

When we are young, we are taught to strive for that elusive thing called happiness.  We learn all about it from disillusioned adults and as we grow up, we become those adults who stop believing in the possibility.  We forget that our birthright begins from the connection to Source/God/Universe – the connection of pure love and joy.

For many of us, life happens, or trauma occurs – we forget about our happiness, focusing on surviving instead.  While we are in a situation, it is often hard to do anything else but deal with the pain.  After the situation is “over”, we are so in the habit of survival that we tend to repeat each day on autopilot, using the same techniques, thoughts and behaviors we needed to survive.Happiness is a journey not a destination

Changing where we are in life rarely happens in big moments, but rather through a series of small moments, choices, and actions.  We can point our compass in a new direction, a step at a time.

We cannot control external circumstances when they occur but we can control our beings.  Everyday we get to, in each moment, choose how we feel, choose how we will respond, and decide what we will take from that moment.    The best part of this process of creating a day in a series of moments, is that if we think a thought or respond in a way that makes us feel bad, we get to have a do-over in the next moment.  We get to pause, breathe and decide what the next moment will be.

Moment by moment, brick by brick, we can choose how to build each day.  All these days soon become months, and then years.  We can course-correct at any stage.

Happiness is not a state of being but a conscious choice, moment by moment.  It is choosing you, your thoughts, hopes, dreams, heart’s desire, and the truth of your being; it is deciding that you are in the driver’s seat of your life and no one else gets to have this power over you – not anymore.

As you go through this day, take note of what you are feeling and thinking, as well as your behaviors, habits and actions.  As you do this, notice how each makes you feel.  Change what doesn’t feel good – replace the thought or action with something a little better.  Move the needle of your day in the direction you wish it to go.

What is YOUR definition of happiness?  What can you choose in the next moment to point your needle towards it?

Many Blessings,


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