Embracing Summer

As the sky changes from light to deep blue, we feel the transition to summer.

The only thing that has been constant in our lives is change. At this point we have no benchmarks, no quantifiable measures on which to stand. We were directed into what was open to us, and now it is time to once again lean into self; to embrace our voices, our being, and our dreams.

Are you living life fully? Are you embracing all the possibilities that await you? We get used to seeing24
our personal worlds with limitations and restrictions – so used to this that it becomes a mindset. It takes just a few weeks to form a habit. Who would have thought that being in lockdown would become a way of life, a normal? We had justification for not following through on our deepest wishes, but now that those restrictions are lifted, we need to check in and ensure that we are not placing ourselves in

Summer “to-live” list:
Step 1 – Discovery:

  • What 3 things (or more) have you been wanting to do that you can now do?
  • What experiences await you that are only open to you in the summer?
  • What foods can you eat that summer brings?

Step 2 – Celebration:

  • How are you going to celebrate your summer freedom?
  • How are you celebrating yourself?

Step 3 – Dream, Be, Do
Get out your journal and write the answer to the following:

If you could have a perfect day, what would it look like? This would be a day without restrictions,
obligations or limits – financial, emotional, physical or other limits.

  •  Who would you spend time with? What would you be doing? What foods would you be eating?
  • What would you be watching, listening to, or reading? Anything goes, in this vision exercise.
  •  Now from this list, what can you start doing right now? Can you add this activity to each day,
    making a single moment of each day perfect?

Summer is a time to reap the rewards, unleash your creativity, explore new opportunities and embrace

What does your summer bucket list have in it?

Many Blessings,

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