Change and Relationships

As change enters our life, we can choose to flow with it, moving in a new direction, or attempt to dig our heels in, and deny it at all costs.  Either way we are impacted.  We can choose to ignore the change for as long as it lets us.  While this option won’t rock the boat, we don’t receive the gift of evolving towards who we really are either.

However, if we choose to embrace change, with it comes personal growth, learning and the evolution of self.  This means we become a new version of ourselves. Sometimes, this new version can be threatening or uncomfortable for the people in our lives. It can bring to the surface issues that we have been avoiding.

Facing these issues with others is painful and most of us would rather avoid conflict.  We know that disrupting the flow we have with others might mean experiencing pain and difficult choices. We have to ask ourselves if staying and not embracing change is because we are not ready for the change, or because we are afraid to hurt another or rock the boat in our relationships.  From there, we get to a point where we get to decide if we want to be a priority in our own life. It's time to start living

Your life is yours to live.   When the change that invites you to move forward no longer fits the people around you, ask yourself if those are people you still want around you.  Do they support you? Are they reacting out of a need to protect you?  Or do they want you to stay as you are they are coming from a place of their own needs?  Those that are thinking only of their own perspective will never welcome any change for you. 

With those that truly care about you, communicate with them and help them understand why this path is the right one for you. Share your hopes and fears about the journey that you are undertaking, and ask for their support.   Those that care will either support you now, or if they strongly disagree, will be resigned and accept that your mind is made up.  They will eventually come around – when they do, they will be your strongest supporters. 

If you are not certain that a person will support you, and you fear their reaction, don’t share the changes you are making.  You control the timeline. You need to be ready before you share with anyone.  Most importantly, you need to be sure of your “why”.  It is only when you are ready and know why this is the right path for you, that is it wise to share – that way, no one can redirect you in a direction they think is better for you. Your life is yours to live as it feels right for you.   

Your new tribe is waiting for you.   When you choose to embrace change, you find yourself in new communities and circles as a result of the changes you are making.  This brings a new tribe of people that are on the same journey as you.

What is your “why” for choosing to pursue a change in your life?  Share and let me know.

Many Blessings,