Tools for dealing with change

Change usually arrives unexpectedly, and suddenly we are forced to make a choice.  Often such a choice feels as if it will upend our life, and we feel fearful and overwhelmed.  The fear comes from the fact that we are uncertain if this change is right for us.  Since life is a constant ebb and flow of change and growth, we can create tools to prepare ourselves when we are faced with having to make a decision.

Tools to find what is right for you:

Writing down everything you feel can help you tap into what is really going on inside.  Make a list of the things that are worrying you about the change.  Next to each point, ask yourself if this is something to be concerned about.  Now make another list of reasons to welcome this.  Below each point listed, write down the reasons you feel this way.

For example:  The change that I face is a health challenge. 

Why is this change a good thing?

  • I get to change my eating habits.

Why is changing my eating habits a good opportunity?   

  • I would not otherwise have taken this step.
  • I get to experience a whole new world of food while being healthy.

Writing your thoughts down can help you clarify what you are thinking and feeling on any given subject, giving you the space to know if the choice you are making is the correct one.refuel yourself every day

Going within:

Sit comfortably in a quiet space.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply until you begin to feel relaxed.  Feel the earth beneath you and use this to ground yourself.  Now imagine what your life would be if you follow through and implement the change.

  • Where are you?  What do you feel?  Who is with you?  What are you doing?  How does this moment feel to you?  Do you feel excited, anticipatory, happy?  
  • Now imagine if you did not implement the change.  What does your life feel like to you without it?  Do you feel happy?  Which picture makes you feel more alive, excited and filled with joy?  

Open your eyes.  Meditation is a great tool to connect to the message of your soul and get clarity about what is right for you.


Our lives are so busy we often don’t take time to connect with ourselves.  Practicing self-care allows you to get in touch with your own voice, wishes and desires.  When you know what is right for you, you are able to make decisions with more confidence.  You are able to clarify that the change you are making is because you want it and not due to the expectations and desires of others.  Self-care is about doing anything that makes you feel good, that you have wanted to do for yourself but did not prioritize time to do it.  This can be as simple as sitting quietly, taking a walk, relaxing in a bath, listening to something soothing, or even clearing out your personal space.  Clearing out your space, changing its layout or putting new decor on your walls can be a wonderful release.  Sometimes we have to let go of the old so we can bring in new opportunities that fit our lives.

What tools or techniques work well for you when you need to make a decision?  Share in the comments and let me know.

Many Blessings,