Connect to your inner power

When we come into this world as babies, we are absolutely certain of our place in this world. We have expectations that we automatically believe will be met – we are certain about who we are, what we deserve, and we have no doubt, fear, or lack of self-belief. As we grow and interact with others – through school, our home environment, activities, and experiences – we begin to lose sight of who we are. We begin to question our worth and our place.

Along the way we forget that we are in fact powerful creators in our own lives. We shift into a space of reacting to what comes our way instead of consciously creating each day. For many of us, we forget about our inner power and what we are capable of.

Perhaps someone made you forget your worth, or made you feel like your dreams were insignificant. You are stronger than you knowOr maybe you have had experiences that made you question your worth. You can reclaim your self-belief and step into your inner power.  In this space, you can shape your life, moving forward into a life that excites you.

Connect to your inner power:

  1. Remind yourself of what an incredible person you are. Think of an experience where you felt powerful and excited, and helped yourself or someone else. Perhaps you did this against all odds, or perhaps it was before a voice in your head told you that you could not do it. Think of the feelings you felt from the powerful moment.  Recreate those feelings right now. Allow them to fill your being, then go forward into the rest of your day knowing that you are capable of experiencing that success again.

  2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and step outside yourself for a moment. Now look back at yourself and imagine that person (you) was a dear friend. From this space, what are the special things you notice about yourself? Write a list of everything that comes to you – including qualities, physical attributes and characteristics that make you who you are.  Now read that list and remind yourself what a powerful and special being you are.  You came into this world for a purpose, and it is never too late to reclaim your power and step into who you are.

  3. Be you. Do you dress in the clothes that feel like you? Do you eat foods that nourish your being and make you happy? Do you feel like who you are inside matches who you are on the outside?  If not, today, do one thing that makes you feel like you.  Often we dress, act and behave according to the rules that have been imposed upon us – sometimes by us, and mostly by society.   Reclaim your being by taking one step at a time to realign your inner you with who you present to the world.

Empower yourself one step at a time by connecting to your inner power and allowing yourself to fully and unapologetically shine your light.

What are you doing to connect to your inner power today?

Many Blessings,