Creating belief in your dreams

Once you know what your dreams are, you can begin to take baby steps to watch these dreams come to life. As with planting a seed, you don’t always know what is happening under the soil, but one day, you take a look and see a tiny shoot.  This shoot then grows into a grand plant – one that often exceeds the vision you had before you planted it.  Dreams work the same way.  As long as we hold the vision and continue to take small steps towards our dreams, we are constantly nurturing those dreams.  Through that nurturing, they always thrive – perhaps not on theToday is a good day to realize your dreams timeline we may like, but always on the best timeline for our beings.

The first step is clarifying the “why” of your dreams.  When you know why your dream is important to you, no one can ever tell you that it doesn’t matter.  When you feel discouraged, your “why”  is what keeps you going.  Your “why” is not the superficial reason that you first think about – that version can easily be let go of.  Rather, it is the reason that makes this dream burn in your heart; the fire and passion that makes your dream meaningful to you.  Look at the dreams you have written down.  Now go deeper on each dream and ask yourself what your “why” for each dream is.  This will also assist you in clarifying which dreams matter the most, and ensure that every dream on your list is really yours, and does not arise from external influences.

Next, what is the one thing you can do each day towards your dream?  Perhaps it is something small like research – you may want to start a folder with pictures, ideas and other brainstorming.  You may want to create a vision board or journal and collect images, or write about your dream. Perhaps you can take bigger action steps such as talking to people, or if it is a project, adding a set amount of time each day to work on your dream project. 

Any step you take towards your dream, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, is a step forward.  All these little steps eventually add up to leaps of progress.  If you only spend five minutes a day moving towards your dream, you are still moving forward.  Can you take five minutes each day to just think about your dream in an inspired way?

Often the steps we take cannot be measured or quantified. We may feel as though no progress is happening and begin to feel discouraged about continuing.  If we can push through this, we start to see results of all the time and energy we put into the dream. 

What one action will you take towards your dream today? How much time can you devote towards your dream every day?

Many Blessings