Building your support tribe

Once we know what our dreams are, and which dreams we want to focus on next, we then start to share those dreams with others. This step can make or break our dreams, depending on who we choose to share with.

Sharing your dream is the beginning of birthing your dream in the world.Santa 10  Through sharing you can get support, resources, ideas and more, depending on the person you share the dream with. 

Keep your dream alive by creating a supportive tribe who cheers for you. 

When you dream, not everyone will be supportive.  You may find people who will discourage you, hold you back, tell you all the ways it won’t work, or generally be negative about it.

Most don’t attempt to crush your dream, but rather come from a place of fear, or from their own lens of life and what they believe is possible.  Their fear may be that you will grow forward and leave them behind, or that you will be hurt or fail, and they want to protect you.  Sometimes, their fear is because you are doing what they are too afraid to do themselves. People’s life experience influences what they believe is possible.  It influences whether they believe they can step out of the box and take a chance on their dream, or if they even realize they are in a box to begin with. For all those people who do not support you yet, love them, be with them, but don’t talk about your dream to them.  When your dream starts to become a reality, many will gravitate back to you and catch on to your excitement.  Those who don’t may not fit into the new version of you and your life any longer.

It is okay to choose who you wish to share your heart’s desire or your dream with.  Choose people who will support you no matter what; people who will reach out and encourage you even if your dream does not make sense to them.  That is your tribe – those who want you to thrive as the best version of you, no matter what that looks like, or whether they agree with it.

Build your tribe, one person at a time. Be selective about the people you choose to be part of your tribe.  Edit your tribe as you need to.   Often, when you find your tribe, like-minded people will gravitate into your sphere automatically.  Some will become close connections and others will be a great support to you.

Who can you add to your tribe right now? Make a list and keep adding to it.

Many Blessings,