Embracing our new world

We find ourselves in a brave new world with new rules and an entirely new way of living.  Each day we wake and the things that we would normally do, we can no longer do.  Our routines, habits and even our way of thinking about our days, have had to change.

Change is never easy.  But in this new world, we are being asked to change at a rapid pace according to external timelines.  We don’t get to stop, breathe, pace ourselves and think about how to approach this.

So how do we cope with having to adapt so fast?

The first thing to note is that it begins in our mindset.  We can choose to see this as a crisis and feel angry, resentful and hopeless about it.  Or we can choose to see this as an opportunity for growth, change and taking steps to live our true purpose.

Embrace change

Begin by embracing the change, adapting your thinking and letting go of the old.  If you take a moment right now and consider what each day of your week usually looks like, you will find that you were probably doing things that didn’t serve you; that perhaps didn’t even make you happy.  Now you are given a golden ticket to completely change your life.  You have an opportunity to create habits and practices that serve you, to learn skills that empower you, to get still with yourself and find what matters to you.

This is your chance to create a new life for yourself.  It is your blank slate where you get to decide who you will be, what you want in life, what makes you happy, and how you want each day to look.  For the first time you get to stop and think about YOU!

Your old normal was defined by the job you had, the routines you created for your family, the diet that was most convenient at the time, the habits that allowed you to do as much as you could in one day, and the beliefs that you created.  But too often we find ourselves in routines that not only don’t serve us, but become a rut for us where we are not moving any closer to what we truly desire.

By letting go of the old and moving into a new normal we can use this special time away from all our existing routines and habits to listen to our voices and needs, to decide what each day will be for us, and most importantly to take time to know what our personal needs are – not the needs of those we love and care for, but our own deepest desires.

This is also a time to let go of past pain and, in the stillness of our new world, take time to discover what we need to heal.  It is an opportunity to press pause on our lives and take a few weeks to go within and begin the healing; to set ourselves free and give ourselves permission to choose our futures.

Right now, from a purely physical point of view, it should be noted that our immune system is affected by our nervous system and in this chaotic time, the most important thing is to ensure that we have a strong immune system.  We can start this from within by changing our mindset to view this time as an opportunity crafted just for us to do those things we have always wanted to do but never found time for.

What habits, beliefs or routines can you let go of that are no longer serving you?

Share and let me know. 

Be Well, Be Blessed