Feeling your way forward

In our crazy new world we need to take time to ask the important question, “How do I feel today?”  When we check in with self, we can put the brakes on our day or week spinning out of control.  Sometimes the answer we get is expected and sometimes it may surprise us.  Your answer may be one of joy.  Or the answer you get could be that you feel stressed, anxious or alone. Many of us can relate to that state. 

I feel...

Now, take a moment to look at the external happenings in your life and see if they match with the way you are feeling.  They very likely do.  The way we feel within is reflected in our external space and vice versa.

Choosing to know what we feel is a frightening prospect.  Sometimes the feelings we hold within can seem too big to face, or perhaps darker than we would like.

What we can do is to firstly acknowledge the dominant feeling we are experiencing at this moment.  Ask yourself, “Do I like this feeling?” If the answer is no, then consciously choose a slightly better feeling.   

To choose a better feeling, feel your way forward. This means that you take one step at time, in increments.  You cannot go from rage to happiness.  But you can move to anger then frustration and go up the emotional scale from there to find your way to contentment.

Where you are is okay.  You don’t need to feel differently.  There is nothing wrong with what you are feeling. Your feelings are yours alone, shaped by your experiences, for better or worse.  Acknowledge that you are entitled to feel what you feel, but also make a conscious decision to choose to feel slightly better.  As you improve your internal state, this will be reflected outwardly in your life.

Shift yourself by using practices such as meditation, a gratitude exercise, listening to music, watching something funny, or doing anything that lets you feel a bit better.  You deserve to wake up feeling happy, alive, joyful, and looking forward to the day.  This may seem like a distant prospect, but it is there, waiting for you to claim your happiness.  You are worthy of it, no matter what any of your yesterdays or past experiences looked like.  

Take three deep breaths as ask yourself what you would like to feel.  Then consciously shift yourself in that direction.

What feelings would you like to choose today?

Many Blessings,