Connecting to self

When last did you take time to assess yourself?  By now, most of us have settled into a new normal.  For many, this state, while now a habit, is still unsettling.  We have had to change so much about our lives, and did it in a reactive state, so we did not get much time to process the changes and the emotional, physical and spiritual impact this has had on our being.

Today I invite you to take some time to reflect on yourself. What do I need?

Physically, take a few minutes to feel your body.   Feel the breath moving through your body; put your hands over your heart and listen to the beat, feeling the throbbing beat under your hands.  Give your feet a massage.  Feel the strength in your body, the intellect of the functioning of your body  and your incredible capacity to heal.  Now close your eyes and focus on each sense, one at a time.  See how far you can hear – what new sounds do you hear?  What taste comes to you?  Is there a memory attached?  Run your hand along your body and feel your soft skin.  Put your hands near each other at heart-center and feel the energy you’ve created.  What do you smell, and is there a thought or memory attached to this smell?  Now open your eyes – what newness can you see in your space?

Let’s take a moment to check in emotionally.   What are you feeling right now?  Create a space of gratitude – list five things you truly feel grateful for.  Maybe it is just your breath.  If you are feeling lost or alone, what words do you need to hear?   Write these words down and put them where you can see them.  Remind yourself of this truth:   you are worthy.  You deserve to love and be loved, no matter what your past looks like.  Your birthright is happiness, and you have the right be you, no matter what that looks like.

On a spiritual level, look within.  Close your eyes and ask yourself what your heart needs now.  Maybe it is to listen to music, get up and dance, or perhaps it asks for meditation or prayer; perhaps it seeks time for you to breathe more.  Take five minutes at least to give your heart what you need right now. 

Our lives can get busy, and for many of us, overwhelming.  Take time each day, even if it is just five minutes, to check in with yourself and ask, “What do I need today – emotionally, spiritually and physically?”  As you do this, you will become more in touch with your needs.  Feeding your body and soul will calm the chaos in your life, give you relief and a reset.  By taking care yourself, you have more to give those who matter to you.

What are you doing for YOU today?  Share in the comments and inspire others.

Many Blessings,