I often see, hear and feel like I am back at the scene of the sexual abuse.  How do I get rid of these visions? 

These visions are often referred to as Flashbacks; “sudden and disturbing vivid memories of events in the past, especially as a result of psychological trauma”. 

Flashbacks are difficult to deal with.  They can be triggered at any time and by multiple different sources.  The memories feel very real, and often come with body memories as well. 

In the ideal situation, the survivor is self-aware enough to track or notice when the flashback is coming on, and ideally have time to get centered, resource themselves, orient to the here and now and focus on something that may serve as a resource (calming the activated, worked up nervous system). 

What can do if I am having  flashbacks?meditation 567593 640

Calling or talking to someone who knows you and can help you calm down, using scents, textures, extreme temperatures-particularly cold water or ice, brushing skin, and having something written that you can read as a reminder that you are presently safe and no longer in the old abusive experience, or calling on a memory where you have felt safe, are only some ways of resourcing.

Working with a somatic and/or mindful therapist, engaging in body work, and physical activities (such as dancing, yoga, running etc.), can be helpful in learning how to manage the activation that provoke flashbacks.

Do you believe that you’ve been experiencing flashbacks?

Have you identified practices/things that are particularly helpful to you? 

Can you identify or anticipate when you are getting a flashback?

Reach out to me if I can support you in any way on your healing journey.

Be Well. Be Blessed