Get in tune with your physical body

To fully function we need our vessel, our physical body, to be at its peak.  Too often, many of us sacrifice that part of our well-being in favor of pushing through the tiredness, ignoring any pain or generally being in denial about something that is not right with us physically.

To stop and deal with this means we have to first make ourselves a priority instead yoga 2150140 640of giving everything to family, work and every other demand on our time.  Often we have even learned from the examples of those who influenced us growing up, that caring for self is selfish; that it is wrong to put yourself first.   But the fact is until you function at your best, you can never truly give to those you wish to.  Put your own oxygen mask on first to be able to give your best.

We have been taught in school how the body works.  However, school does not teach how to communicate with your body and listen to its needs; to listen to the messages you are receiving.

Our health stems from how we treat our bodies.  Love your body and pay attention to your needs and you will find your health improves.  Ignore those needs and eventually your health does suffer.  Sometimes when we have deadlines, we have to push though, but it can become a bad habit that causes our well-being to suffer.   Get in tune with your body, and listen to what it is trying to tell you.  Physical dis-ease in the body stems from not listening to the messages constantly trying to get through. 

Here is a simple exercise to get you in tune with your body and its needs:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Inhale deeply. Feel the oxygen filling you lungs, flowing through your body.  Now exhale slowly and feel the carbon dioxide leaving your body, making room for fresh oxygen. Notice your chest rising and falling, expanding and contracting, with each breath.
  • Put your hand over your heart. Feel the beat of your heart; can you feel the drumming ripples moving through you?  Now remove your hands.  Notice the way you are more conscious about each beat even though you no longer have your hands over your heart.
  • Do you know when you are thirsty? Do you listen to your needs and get a drink?  Do you know when you are hungry or have had enough to eat – if you find yourself unsure, then you haven’t been in tune with your physical being.
  • Spend the next 24 hours consciously paying attention to the basic functions of your body. Use this to listen to your body’s needs.

When you are able to tune in to your physical body, you will immediately notice when something is not right, and be able to make a change. 

Take a moment and take stock of how you are feeling at this moment.

Are you tired?  Do you need a nap?  Does something just feel off?  What can you do about it?  Maybe right at this moment, you cannot rest but can you make your well-being a priority and schedule in a few hours of relaxation?   When we care for our physical bodies, we show ourselves love.

Our bodies are also the visual representation of us. Too often our outside does not match our inside, perhaps because we have been told what to wear and what society expects from us.  In all this messaging, we may lose who we are at our core.  Sometimes fear of being too different causes us to try to style ourselves to fit in.  But to walk your truth, you have to start with your physical appearance.  Do you feel like yourself when you get dressed each day?  If not, make a shift and change just one thing to that makes you feel like you fit who you are inside. 

Healing starts by making a shift – one small change brings ripples of greater change.  Break free of old habits and know that you are worthy of taking time to care for yourself physically.

What change can you make today so that your outside fits who you are on the inside?

Be Well, Be Blessed




This debut memoir chronicles a woman’s spiritual exploration and growth as she overcame a disturbing childhood and helped others heal.

Brought to America from the Dominican Republic as a youngster, Molina-Marshall should have led a happy life. Her father was a diligent worker, and his large family wanted for nothing. But the author recounts that her dad had a drinking problem and was a serial philanderer. Molina-Marshall’s long-suffering mother left him for a woman. Then it was all downhill for the bright, 12-year-old girl, who was shuttled between foster care and relatives. According to the author, she was sexually abused by the husband of one of her siblings. This resulted in Molina-Marshall becoming alienated and moody. By 15, she simply tried to survive. In her favor were grit and a restless intelligence. She quit school, rented a room, and found a factory job. Time went by, and for a while she was happily married. Yet when her husband left her, her life truly began. She turned to religion for answers but decided that blaming God for her woes was a cop-out. 

In this absorbing and moving memoir, Molina-Marshall’s vivid storytelling is fearless. She frankly discusses the truths she discovered and the indignities she suffered. These admissions are disclosed with a touch of resignation and plenty of bite. However painful, everything she experienced was a lesson, and she bravely realized that she was part of the problem: “The fear of being hurt, rejected, or abused often led to me feeling lonely and misunderstood. No one knew the agonizing pain I felt being trapped in my thoughts and anger. I was becoming my biggest threat.” 

The author skillfully recounts her intricate spiritual journey. To deal with her psychic wounds, she searched for an inspirational system. Her open-mindedness led her to the interfaith concept—cherry-picking from various religions and spiritual movements, yoga, and Indigenous beliefs as a way of finding peace. Along with her female partner, she built a therapy practice, making use of every spiritual element that aided her and others. The road was bumpy, and she found that women of color in same-sex relationships were not welcomed everywhere. To do good works—and finally live on her own terms—she effectively overcame bigotry.

An engrossing, cathartic account of empathy and success through determination and confidence.

Pub Date: May 3, 2022   |    ISBN: 978-0-578-38315-6  |   Page Count: 264    | Publisher: From Trauma to Triumph  |   Review Posted Online: June 13, 2022