Holistically healing our bodies


To consciously create the life we desire, we need to first understand what we have the ability to influence within ourselves.  Knowing how to access and heal the different bodies that compose our beings, allows us to create complete harmony in our lives.  Let’s break this down into our various bodies – our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body, our spiritual body and finally our energetic body.chakra 1079746 1280

Our physical body, from our skin, hair, organs, muscles, tissues, blood and the many, many perfectly coordinated systems that keep us going on a daily basis.  This is something we learn about. It is our physical being and the representation of who we present ourselves as; it is matter.  We acknowledge that health stems from how we treat and care for our bodies.   We can sense or see when something in our bodies is not right if we are in tune with our bodies and take the time to notice the messages we are receiving.  This is our physical experience of life, and what we are taught to concentrate on.

Our emotional body contains life force.  It is the energy system for our emotional experience. In tangible terms, this body can be related to imagination, emotions and desires, which is then interpreted by the physical body.    Our emotions play an enormous role in our ability to manifest the life we want.  How we feel at any given time shapes the day we will then have. 

The mental body is made up of thoughts and thought energy. It is our functioning mind we are aware of and also the subconscious mind.  The mental body is our mind’s interpretation of perceptions; our interpretation of words and action, both our own and others.  Our mental body is colored by the beliefs we have, the emotions we attach to experiences, and our perceptions.  This mental clutter influences everything we touch.

Then there is our spiritual side, our heart-center and that which we perceive as connection to Source/God.  It is the nudge of intuition we receive.  When we are in balance spiritually, we experience wholeness, connection to Source/God, while recognizing we are more than our thoughts, physical bodies and emotions.

Finally there is our energetic body made up of an interconnected field of energy around the physical body. The energetic body connects to the physical body via the chakras.  The energetic body can be broken down into: the etheric body linked to the base chakra; the emotional body linked to the sacral chakra; the lower mental body linked to the solar plexus chakra; the higher mental body linked to the heart chakra; the causal body linked to the throat chakra; the soul body linked to the brow chakra; and the integrated spirit body linked to the crown chakra.

Consciously caring about all the different parts of our beings (all our different bodies) allows us to create a holistically healthy life.  Through this process, we empower ourselves to create healing within and shift our reality into the one we choose.    In this blog series I will take you through each body and how you can use this knowledge to become a conscious creator of your own life.

Do feel connected to all your bodies?

Be Well, Be Blessed