Just So You Know…

For the past year our lives have been in flux in so many ways.  Uncertainty has become the norm.

Through this constant state of change, I want you to know that this is true for you:

  • In this moment you are safe, loved and cherished.
  • Each deep breath you take allows the oxygen to nourish your body and being.
  • You are here for a reason.
  • You are worthy of receiving all you desire.
  • You are a gift to this world, and this world needs you, your voice, your thoughts and your beautiful presence. 10
  • Today, whatever the day brings, you can choose how you feel.  You may not be able to control anything around you, but can choose the way you feel, what you will listen to, who you will spend time with and the thought train you will follow.
  • Choose to let go of whatever no longer serves you.  Choose to receive all the good that is waiting for you.
  • Share your light and your beautiful being with others. Each person you communicate with feels your light.
  • In this moment know, believe and trust that all is truly well.
  • You are being supported by the Universe in all you do.

Today, choose to do one thing that raises your vibration and allows you to create feelings of joy.  Perhaps listen to a meditation, read a book or chat to someone who lifts you up.

 I support you in your journey and send out good energy for you.

Many Blessings,