Healing the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is our connection to Source, Divine guidance, and higher consciousness, moving this energy though the body, mind and spirit to the lower chakras.

Through this chakra, we access universal consciousness, develop our connection to our Inner being, develop our spiritual connections, access wisdom and inspiration from Source, and in so doing, manifest our lives.

When the crown chakra is in balance, we have a strong connection to Source.  We are guided by our inner being, have clarity, purpose and direction, are able to make wise decisions and take inspired action, and live from a place of love in all our interactions. 

When the crown chakra is out of balance, we place limits on ourselves and our abilities, we are unable to see our true value and place in this world, we feel lost, lack joy, and feel unable to connect to Source. Our lives seem to be outside of our control, and we lack purpose, direction and clarity as we feel closed-off from the Divine. As a result we live from a purely intellectual place, to the exclusion of Source.

The gifts associated with this chakra allow us to live a life of feeling connected, interconnected and joyful.

  • Physical gifts:  feeling energized, having a clear mind, being able to move with confidence and experience beneficial sleep.
  • Mental gifts:  experiencing clarity, easily accessing Divine guidance, being able to make wise decisions guided by Source, being open- minded, and feeling inspired in both ideas and the action to take. 
  • Emotional gifts: experiencing a state of serenity and inner peace, feeling a sense of unity, easily accessing your intuition, feeling joyful, experiencing a sense of purpose, developing the trust and ability to receive, and being able to show kindness and love to all beings.   
  • Spiritual gifts:  feeling connected to Source/Higher self,  having a conscious awareness of life, being in a state of gratitude,  experiencing the interconnectedness of all beings, being able to appreciate the beauty and majesty of all beings,  the ability to live in the present moment,  and having strong spiritual connection, allowing one to trust in life.

The challenges associated with this chakra being out of balance affect our overall outlook on life and the emotional state we find ourselves in.Crown chakra

  • Physically challenges:    They may manifest as headaches, neurological issues, memory and learning issues, fatigue, sleep issues, mental fog and trouble concentrating, feeling sluggish, and skin issues. 
  • Mental challenges:  experiencing obsessive thoughts, lacking purpose and clarity, living in your head, being closed-minded, being unable to see the bigger picture or your place in this world, and feeling unable to access Divine guidance.
  • Emotional challenges: feeling depressed, experiencing fear and apathy, feeling alone, feeling separated from others, experiencing a lack of trust, feeling stuck, struggling to connect to others, as well as feeling a lack of compassion, empathy and understanding towards others.   
  • Spiritual challenges:  feeling disconnected from Source/Universe, feeling spiritually lost, finding one’s emotional state is dependent on external circumstances, feeling a lack of control, having difficulty meditating, and feeling disillusioned with life.

By healing the crown chakra we are able to live a full, rich, joyful life, knowing that we are supported, loved and able to create each day as we desire it to be. In those moments when we feel low we have the confidence of support from Source to help us through.

A few techniques you can use to heal the crown chakra:


  • Sit comfortably in a quiet space.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. 
  • As you breathe, set the intention to open yourself up to the Divine energy of the Universe. 
  • See this energy as pure, bright, violet light, flowing into your body, mind and spirit though your crown chakra. 
  • As this light moves through your being, feel it washing away the old, heavy energy, the blocks you may not be aware of, any pain you are holding onto, and anything that no longer serves you. 
  • As the light touches you,  see each block dissolving and leaving your being.  Allow yourself to release everything that feels heavy. 
  • Now feel the light wash over you again, this time filling your being with Divine light and love.  Feel the lightness, the purity and the joy of this energy.  Let it fill your being.  Let your body feel cleansed, you mind feel clear and your heart open to Source and your inner guidance system. Take a few deep breaths to anchor these feelings into your being.
  • Now open your eyes and from this higher state, let your thoughts, words and actions be Divinely guided.


  • It is in the silence that you are truly able to tap into your inner being and guidance from Source. 
  • Find a space in which you feel safe, secure and comfortable.  Be in a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. 
  • To cultivate stillness choose a sound to focus on, such as your breath, your heartbeat, a ticking clock, or even the air conditioner!  As long as you are focused on this sound, it will allow you to shut out all other noise. 
  • As thoughts pop into your head, let them pass without focusing on them.  Just let the hum of sound be your focus if you find yourself getting distracted. 
  • In this space of stillness, see what comes to you.  You might get inspiration, an idea or even a solution you have been seeking.  Or perhaps it will give you just a quiet pause in your day. 
  • Creating this stillness will ground you and open you to Divine guidance.


  • Start by setting the intention to heal the crown chakra. 
  • Concentrate on your breathing and finding stillness in each pose. Allow the world to fade away as you focus only on your breath and body. 
  • Yoga poses for this chakra include:  savasana (corpse position), lotus or half-lotus, headstand,  tree pose, plow pose, child’s pose and rabbit pose.

Essential Oils:

  • These include frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, jasmine, lavender, angelica, lotus,  vetiver and cedarwood.


  • These include clear quartz, diamonds, amethyst, sugilite, selenite,celestite, purple jasper and moonstone.  

What are you doing to heal your crown chakra?  Share and let me know.

Many Blessings