In this season of new beginnings, a metamorphosis of our life emerges whether we’re ready for it or not.  Another birthday will take place this year and our bodies, mind and souls, will change with our age/lifestyle.  How do we keep up with all that is going on with us personally?  There is no right or wrong way.  However, there are ways in which we can assist the process and guide the direction in a self-loving manner called self-care.


Self-affirmations help us be grateful for the positive things that we have in our lives and the ways positively affect those changes.


In our busy lives we take care of our professional responsibilities along with our homes and those in our intimate circles.  It’s hard to schedule time, finances and relaxation for ourselves.  This sometimes has a negative connotation attached to it called selfishness.  It’s not until we’re run down mentally or physically that we stop and show ourselves the care that is needed. We deserve to commit ourselves to making ourselves first.  Remember, we need to give out of our surplus and not our reserve.  We can’t do this without depositing back into our own life reservoir.


  • Make a ME list. We can write things down that calms and relaxes our body. 


  • A great mindfulness exercise is inhaling positive energy and exhaling stress.  Allowing our mind to be at one with our body. We can treat ourself to a yoga or dance class.  We’ll learn new skills, get exercise in and give our physical body some love.
  • We can stay home and watch a special show that we normally wouldn’t have time for. 


  • Get our favorite snacks, or a cup of tea, grab a blanket and put the phone on silent.  That time is solely ours.


  • Another great idea and is cooking a special meal that you’ve been wanting to try.  Go a little overboard.  Set the table up and light a candle.  You are about to dine with the most important person in your life, yourself. End the night with a relaxing bubble bath or hot shower and watch how peaceful you’ve slept not taking the day’s worries with you to bed


  • If you’re a mom or caretaker, it’s alright to ask for help.  Take a couple of hours for yourself to take a walk, see a movie, etc.  Call out from work and spend the day in your pajamas doing whatever it is that you want to do, the day is yours.


There is no formula for self-care except to make the time for it on a consistent basis.  The reality of this world will go on whether we’re ready for it or not.  Why not prepare ourselves for it a little better mentally so that we aren’t overwhelmed by it?  A little given today can help us stand much stronger tomorrow.  Happy spring.