Personal development consists of creating action plan for our career, relationships, self-improvement to name a few. Have you ever heard of the phrase you can’t be any good to anyone else if you aren’t good for yourself? Think about the instructions in an airplane when they tell you before you assist anyone else during an emergency, you need to put the mask on yourself first. We tend to give out of reserve instead of our mental/physical surplus. We’re all guilty of this. One of the key elements needed to self-preservation is affirmation. This act of honoring ourselves while thinking of our dreams and desires; reviewing it often and putting plans in place to achieve them. This essentially attracts what we want manifested in our lives.


Our thoughts


Our thoughts have influence over our behavior and attitude which can control our actions. Have you ever thought of something so strongly and don’t even realize what you are doing at the moment feeling you’ve subconsciously done it? Our thoughts can keep us in bondage for things of our past as well as give us the positive energy to be excited about something in our future. As we think, our lives are manifested upon. We have to devise a plan to shift our thoughts into what we desire and learn from failed experiences to do things differently. Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We have to first want a difference in our life and begin to think it into existence to get to the believing stage.




This may sound like an easy feat to do but it takes concentration and persistence. It’s a little different than a lottery player believing that they will win one day. Yes, this may be their motivation to continue to play but it’s not something that they have power over it happening. There are things that we have the ability to manipulate ourselves. I believe in my mind that I can get a college degree. I believe that I can work the classes into my schedule and financially be able to fund this dream. I believe that I can go to the admissions office and apply to a school. These are realistic beliefs that can be achieved because we thought them into our belief existence and it took us to our action phase.




Once we truly believe in our spirit that we have the ability to achieve these dreams, we can now put them into actions. We now need to do the research for out project. What prerequisites are needed, where do I need to go, who do I need to speak with, etc. What is the time limit needed to get these things done? None of this could have been done without affirming to myself that it is possible. Once we begin to put things into action, we can keep a written log with a calendar to keep abreast of what needs to be done and chart our success thus far. Please don’t get discouraged. We can have all great intentions and snags will come along the way. Give yourself ample time to get deadlines done. Be prepared for some disappointment allowing it to fuel you with motivation to keep going because nothing or no one will stop your dream from blooming into fruition.


Going back to the beginning


I’ve come so far, why would I need to go backwards? Think of it like no matter how old we get, we still to put our shoes on our feet before we leave home every day. This is needed to safely protect us as we go out and about handling our daily activities. Every day, we’ll need to go back and think about what we want to achieve in our lives. This feeds our spirits and gives us the mental energy to take on today’s assignments that we’ve set for ourselves. Whatever you desire in YOUR life that you want to expound on or want differently can be achieved. Please don’t think that any of this is considered an easy feat. It takes practice and the desire that brings momentary peace one breathe at a time. It’s a personal journey that is so rewarding once you choose to embark on it.