Nature as a teacher

If you were to embody the qualities of nature, what would they be?  Nature can teach us much on how to move forward in life.

Nature, mountains, rainbow, river, sunrise

Observe the mountain.  See the strength that lies within the mountain – how strong and stalwart the mountain is, immovable against the weather. It allows all things to pass by remaining in its center, despite any chaos around it.

Imagine the sound of the water.  Can you feel that water washing away your stresses and cares?  Can you feel yourself moving with the current, floating along and releasing the debris that no longer serves you?

Look at the beautiful rainbow.  See the colors shining a vibrancy and joy on all who gaze upon it.  Can you be a rainbow for yourself and others?   Can you freely share your light with all the lives you interact with? 

Look at the sunrise – the dawning of a new day.  Each day the sun rises and touches the earth, washing it in bright new light, and each thing is lit anew. Will you allow each new day to begin with renewing you? Are you open to let go of the past hurts and the feelings you have attached to those past hurts, like guilt, and shame? 

Just as all beings get a chance to renew themselves with the dawn of each new day, so do you. You can start from this moment and decide what direction you want your life to take.   Despite what your past may encompass, your future is a blank slate and how you choose to write it from this moment on, is the direction it will take.

Look outside your window now?  What qualities do you see in nature that you can embody? 

Many Blessings,