Ripples of Healing

We are an extension of our environment.   We can choose to create the world around us by beginning within. As we heal within, our environment reflects the way we feel.  Just as the earth needs the nourishment of rain, and healing of wounds that have been inflicted, so do we.

Nourish your soul by taking time just for you each day.  Give to yourself so you can give to those who matter to you.  

We get to choose the path our life will take.  No matter where you are orMeditation healing what you have been through, you can choose what the next moment will be for you. Choose to love yourself and others. When we consciously and unconditionally show love and kindness to others, we raise our vibration and create positive momentum and healing in our own lives.  Healing ourselves has a ripple effect on everyone and everything around us.  

Our healing starts by letting go of any negative, disparaging feelings we  have towards ourselves. 

5 Things you can do today to choose a path of love and healing:

  1. Connect with nature and allow the healing from the earth to seep within you, renewing your being. Nature is nourishment for our physical and mental being. Take a walk, plant your bare feet in the soil, visit the beach.

  2. Give time to you. Meditate, do yoga ,relax in a bubble bath or pamper yourself in some way.

  3. Create a playlist of songs or any audio files that will immediately uplift you when you listen to them.

  4. Sit outside in the fresh air and practice breathwork. Close your eyes, shut out all distractions, and consciously and slowly inhale and exhale for five seconds at a time. Focus exclusively on your breathing.

  5. Choose an uplifting book that you can read every morning for 5 minutes.

You are loved, you are worthy and you deserve to live a life that you choose.


Many Blessings,