Our emotional body – how to use it for healing

Our emotional body is our guidance system, our steering wheel and our barometer in our lives.  Our emotional state is our window into what is really going on in our lives – within our being and externally too.

How we feel at any given time influences the way we respond to a person or situation.  If you are feeling stressed and unhappy, you are more likely to react negatively and in so doing, receive a negative outcome from the interaction.  This then has a ripple effect on your being, with each negative outcome, causing you to feel more unhappy each time.  The woman sittingresult is that you end up having a bad day.   If you feel like you are always rushed, there is never enough time, then that result manifests into your reality.  But if you take a moment, calm yourself, believe that there is enough time to complete everything you desire, you will find that is the result you get.

Our emotional body state is translated to our physical body, and often times, manifests physically in our being.  A simple example is when you are feeling despondent or unhappy, you may find yourself feeling exhausted physically.   

Every experience and interaction we have ever had adds to the make-up of our emotional body.  This is why we find ourselves experiencing a disproportional reaction to a current situation or experience – our reactions are colored by past emotional experiences.  Current experiences act as a trigger for past emotional wounds.

If we have experienced trauma, then our emotional body gets weighed down from the pain and hurt we experienced.  In this state, we may find ourselves spiraling into a dark space.  However if we can do even the smallest thing to change our state, we can open ourselves to healing.  It is not an easy process.  Changing your emotional state when you feel like you are at the bottom of a deep hole is daunting, and you may feel as though you just don’t have the energy to make this change.  However by taking even the smallest action, you can move to a state of healing.  At first it may feel false or as though you should not be allowed to experience a happier state, but if you persist, you find that the darkness moves further away and the light nearer.

By changing the way we feel emotionally, we can change our entire lives.  In other words, cleansing the emotional body will give way to physical healing as well as enabling you to create the life you desire.  When you feel happy, you find happy experiences and situations.  The trick is feeling happy when external circumstances are challenging.

To cleanse your emotional body, here are 3 methods:

  1. Start by sitting in a quiet, peaceful space that makes you feel calm – perhaps it is outside or in a certain area of your house. Take 5 deep breaths of 5 seconds each. Notice your strongest emotion, for example anger.  Find one thing to counter the anger e.g. something humorous you read. Watch the anger fade slightly.  Repeat this step and you will notice tiny changes which add up to a bigger change.  This in turn will shift your emotional state. As you shift each dominant negative emotion to a more positive one, eventually you find those darker emotions no longer fit your life. 
  2. Use tools like a meditation or audio that you can listen to that will help you shift your emotional state, or read something that leaves you better off. If you do this as a daily practice, you will find that it becomes easier to shift your emotional state when you need to. 
  3. If you are having a bad day: Take note of how you feel at that moment.   Take 3 deep breaths of about 5 seconds each.  Then do something to shift your energy.  Movement like dance is an option.  Or practice a gratitude exercise – find 5 things you can be grateful for, such as something personal that makes you smile or a small thing that you genuinely feel grateful for.  Then take another deep breath and release.  This exercise can help change the trajectory of your day by shifting you off the path of negative attraction that you were on. 

What step can you take to cleanse your emotional body today?

Be Well, Be Blessed