Our mental body consists of thoughts and the energy of those thoughts. Part of our mental body  -our functioning mind – we are aware of and able to influence.  The other part – the subconscious mind – requires the right tools to influence it. 

Our mental bodies gather the most clutter as we think thousands of thoughts each day.  Some thoughts we absorb and they turn to beliefs.  These beliefs then influence our actions, behaviors and decisions.

Our thoughts have emotion attached to them.  Together these thoughts and emotions become creators of our reality.  Thus we need to monitor the thoughts we choose, what we allow into our minds, and also the beliefs we create out of these thoughts.  When we have an experience, either good or bad, we attach emotion to it.   Our past experiences have shaped the beliefs we have –  these beliefs in turn alter our perceptions of a situation.

Our mental bodies need the same love, care and attention we give our physical and emotional bodies.  We have the power to choose what thoughts we keep and what we discard within our mental body.  For instance, when you listen to the news, do you feel unhappy?  You can choose to stop listening and instead listen to something that uplifts you.

Our mental body

Choose the thoughts you allow to live in your mind.  Discard the ones that don’t feel right or cause you to feel unhappy.  When someone, however well-meaning, tells you something that makes you feel bad or leaves you feeling wounded, don’t let those thoughts live in your mental body.

Your thoughts have an energy that creates your reality.  Your mind has a profound influence in the outcome of a situation.  If you are having a bad day and think about how annoying something is, and you dwell on that thought, it will bring another thing to be upset about.  This cycle continues until you have negatively altered the trajectory of your day.  However, if you stop a negative thought and choose to think something good, you can move your day towards a better reality.

By stilling your mind, you can open yourself up to connect to your Higher self/Source, and receive inspiration, guidance and a sense of peace and calm.

Clearing your mental clutter allows you the freedom to become a creator of the reality you desire.  Too often the beliefs we hold about ourselves such as our looks, skills, abilities and potential, have been influenced by countless others.  A sometimes careless remark makes a home in our thoughts and can turn to a belief about ourselves.  We have the power to change this.

Clearing your mental body: 

  • Close your eyes.  Become aware of what you are thinking or feeling at this moment. 
  • Does this feel good?  Whether it feels good or not, can you think a thought that makes you feel better? 
  • Think of one good thing that happened to you this week or this month. 
  • Recreate the feeling you had when this happened. 
  • Be with this thought and feeling for a minute.  Open your eyes.  Do you feel better?

Practice this whenever you don’t feel good emotionally. Every time you reach for a better thought than the last, you teach your mind to move into a thought-space of positivity. Your mind will eventually reject the negative thought-space.  By doing this you influence your reality. 

Try this exercise for a week.  Every time you feel down, reach for a better thought and the feeling that goes with it.  Do this repeatedly until it becomes a habit.  By monitoring your mind, you can create the reality you desire.

Be Well, Be Blessed