Permission to embrace the new, the old & the yet to be

With our emerging freedom, many of us may be overwhelmed by new possibilities.  We have been granted an awakening – having our freedom restricted showed us what we found important in life and what we simply allowed.  Being able to embrace life fully once again is a new opportunity to move our lives in the direction we wish them to go.

Give yourself permission to embrace the new.  Allow yourself to step iEthereal background with world - love compassions, gratitude, give, wisdom journey nto opportunities which you are perhaps not quite ready for but you know you can grow into.  Embrace the lessons from the past and shape the future by actively choosing how to invest your present.

Do you find yourself stuck in your thinking?  Often our thinking is out of habit and not intention.  What we listen to, read or watch, who we associate with, and what we focus on, directs our thoughts. 

Associating with certain people, going to the same places, opening daily news emails you may be subscribed to, becomes a habit.  As we do these same actions daily, we grow in the direction of that which we “feed” ourselves.  Do you find yourself having a rather negative outlook on life?  Perhaps you are reading all the alarming news stories that arrive on social media feeds, search engines and daily newspapers.    As we follow these dark stories, we shift our thinking and focus to all the drama, danger and worries they bring. Eliminating the negative input we feed ourselves with each day, can drastically improve how we see the world. 

Perhaps such negativity comes from well-meaning people or people you seem to regularly associate with.  Can you create space in that relationship to give yourself the room to raise your vibration?     Listening to the same people share the same thoughts and opinions about you and your life, keeps you in that stuck space.  It is time to ensure the people you surround yourself with, support you in growing towards the life you wish to create.

Stepping into the unknown, which is the definition of every change that comes into our lives, is terrifying.    Even shifting back into the life we have previously known, is a big change. Step past the fear to the other side where magnificent possibilities and experiences await you.

Give yourself permission to change the mental narrative in your life.  Say yes to choosing wisely what you allow to enter your body, mind and spirit.

What will you give yourself permission to say no to today?
What will you give yourself permission to say yes to today?

Many Blessings,


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