Radiate your light to the world

Rise and Be Well

You are here for a reason. 

Your voice, your thoughts, and your hopes and dreams matter.

Today, know that you are loved and cherished.

May the path you walk be filled with beauty and light.

May each step of your journey be one of ease and flow.

Let go of that which no longer serves you.  Choose to receive all the good that is waiting for you. You deserve it.

Know that you are being supported by the Universe/Source/God in all you do.

Today, spread your wings and let yourself soar.

Shine your light. You are unique and special, and the world is waiting to hear from you.

Today, do something that makes you feel happy, even if all you have is five minutes to give to yourself. You deserve it.  Share in the comments one practice you will do for yourself today.

Many Blessings,