Step into your future bravely.

The unknown of the future brings us great fear.  Where we are right now, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, the place is known to us. We know the ‘rules’, the pain points, the possibilities and what to fear.  Even though it may not feel good, the fact that we don’t know what life will feel like when we implement change, means that where we are seem safer. 

Taking a step forward and implementing change means taking a look at our life, making choices which are often hard, and letting go of the known to step into uncertainty.    The question then becomes, “Is where I am right now the life I really want?” By nature we as humans, are seekers. As life shows us what we can be do or have, we are left seeking that which calls to us.

Implementing a change in our lives invites momentum.  One little change open doors, and brings possibilities and new perspectives.   Taking that first step of change, for most of us, is daunting.  It means stepping out of our comfort zones and facing the truth about our life.  The alternative is to stay where we are.  If we do nothing, we give up on our dreams, our desires, and the many possibilities that await us.

Change one thing in your life today.  Perhaps just rearrange your space, give up eating something that isSanta 4 2 harmful to your body, say yes to something you want even though it scares you, or take a step that embraces a change that has come up for you.  

You can have the life you desire.  It starts with raising your hand to life and saying yes to the new.  What is new, while scary, often brings gifts that will change our life in the best ways.  Embrace change one small step at a time.

You have the courage and strength to face change.  Wherever you are right now, is the right time and the right place to step into your future.  You deserve to live the life you desire, no matter what any of your yesterdays entailed.  You can design your future exactly the way you wish it to be.  Start at this moment with the decision to embrace change.  Implement a change in one area of your life.

Life your life boldly, unapologetically and according to who you are at your core. 

What small change can you implement in your life right now? Share and let me know.

I am here to support you on your journey – reach out and let me know how I can best support you.

Many Blessings,