Re-Centering for Healing

When we go through trauma and are in place of hurt, we feel scattered. Everything feels harder, and even getting up and facing the day can feel like a great effort.

One of the tools I have used is re-centering. When we can bring ourselves back to center and recalibrate our being, we can move into space where we can more easily receive healing.Yes You Can

For each of us, what brings us back to center is different. Perhaps it may be breathing, yoga, meditation, or prayer. It may be talking walking and being in nature or listening to music.

When we are in the space of hurt, finding the tool we need is almost impossible. The one tool we all have at our disposal, no matter where we are, is breath. Use your breathing to recenter your being and calm your nervous system.

Find a quiet space – it can even be the restroom.

  • Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart.
  • Become aware of your breath. Feel your lungs expanding with each inhale and contracting with each exhale. Feel each breath moving through your body.
  • Now feel the pulsing beat of your heart beneath your hands – the steady drumming of your life force. As you focus on your heartbeat and breath, begin to deepen your breathing, until you are inhaling and exhaling for six seconds at a time.
  • You will find your nervous system slowing down and feel yourself moving into a space of stillness. In this space feel the breath cleanse your being of all that is weighing it down.
  • The words that you need to hear will come to you. Say them out loud if you can, and in your head if you cannot. It may be, “I release you. All is well in this moment. I am an evolving being in an evolving world and I am okay right now.”
  • Now open your eyes and step into the next moment with the knowing that you are alive, you are here for a reason, and where you are is okay.

In my new book, Running Through Darkness: Memoir of a Spiritual Warrior, I share tools that helped me find healing and move from trauma to triumph.

If you would like to walk this journey with me reach out and let’s connect.
Many Blessings,