You Too Can Triumph

I have walked the path to healing through my own journey. While healing is possible for all of us, each of us must find the tools, resources and support that fits our journey best. I wrote Running Through Darkness: Memoir of a Spiritual Warrior,Running through darkness book cover with the intention that sharing my journey could provide you with hope and the knowing that triumphing and thriving in life is possible for you too. It is my deepest wish for you to know that no matter what you have been through, you too can not only heal, but live a joyful, full-filling and beautiful life. Healing is a journey that cannot be rushed so allow yourself to take the time you need to walk this path, keeping the knowledge close to you that you can create a life worth living – I did.

“An engrossing, cathartic account of empathy and success through determination and confidence.” — Kirkus Reviews

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