Running Through Darkness: Memoir of a Spiritual Warrior

Do know there are many practices and modalities that can be useful to those searching for healing. The most significant tool, however, is within the actual survivor. I am a living witness of the possibilities of healing, renewing, and reclaiming that which has always been ours, our wholeness. Instead of writing one more “how to” book for clinicians, I was compelled to tell my own story.

I am excited to bring you my new book, Running Through Darkness: Memoir of a Spiritual Warrior.  Running through darkness book coverIt takes readers on a journey, showing them that no matter what they’ve been through, healing is possible. As we go from trauma to triumph, we can reclaim what has been our divine birthright – to be whole, happy, joyous and free!

This book not only shares insight from years of clinical experience but also speaks of my journey of surviving, healing and learning to thrive.

My desire is that those who read this book will be inspired to hope, to not give up on themselves, and know that there are many different paths of coming into and achieving wellness. To know that no matter what they have experienced as survivors of trauma, they can heal. And finally, this book offers a message to all who care about survivors of sexual trauma and the professionals they seek out for help and support.

Healing is open to us all. Each of our paths looks different, but we can all heal, no matter what we have been through. I invite you to join me on this journey of reclaiming wholeness and stepping into your birthright. 

Many Blessings,