Why Receiving is Giving

Another way of showing love and nurturing self, is to receive.

Receiving is giving.  When we give compliments or gifts to another, we feel good.  We feel empowered through our ability to give to another person.

In the same way, when we receive, we are giving another the opportunity to experience those same feelings. We allow the other person to experience the power of giving.

Receiving is another way to nurture self. When someone gives you a compliment, do you dismiss it and downplay what they are complimenting you on? Most of us do this.Spiral journal with the words give and receive.  Arrows point to each   We have been taught since we were young to be humble and gently deflect the compliment by dismissing ourselves as ordinary. Can you rather accept the compliment, allow the words to fill your being, and genuinely give thanks by acknowledging the gift? 

We acknowledge our worth when we receive what is given to us through love.  If we dismiss the gift or try to deny it, we deny who we are.  We diminish our worth.  Receiving is recognizing that we deserve the gifts we are being given.  Someone sees you, hears you and recognizes you.  This exchange allows them to give to you, and allows you to receive.

We can receive in various ways:

  • The most common is compliments and praise.  When someone praises us, we can receive this by acknowledging the truth of their words and taking the words in, allowing this truth to bolster us.  If the words are true, and the person sharing them believes that truth about us, we can use the gift we are being given to shore up our belief in self.  Someone sees something worth praising in you – recognize that this is their experience of you and believe it. Receiving their compliment also gifts them the position of being the giver, and acknowledges their effort and caring in taking time to praise you.

  • Sometimes receiving is listening to the wisdom of God/Source/Universe, receiving the message and, if we are ready, acting on this wisdom.   Listen for the wisdom waiting to come to you, receive it and bask in the love that comes with this wisdom.  Listening and allowing this connection raises your vibration, with the knowledge that you are always supported and loved.

When you begin to receive you will notice more and more gifts that come into your life each day.  Receive a smile, a hug, a gesture, and receive the big things like compliments, gifts, praise and wisdom that enter your life each day.

Receiving is an act of self-love.  Love yourself by allowing yourself to receive the gifts that come into your life through all avenues and acknowledge that you are worthy of these gifts.

What gifts do you notice in your life today? 

Many Blessings,