springblog 1


Dear Reader, as we shed our layers of winter’s worries, let us embrace spring’s sensitivity.  The colors, the smells and ambiance of walking through a garden filled with flowers brings our senses into heightened enlightenment.  This is our perception of spring coming into fruition.  Have you ever studied a flowers progression?  As spring approaches the brittle bud begins to come forth and sprout its desirous petals symbolizing growth and prosperity.  Isn’t that how life is?  Out of ashes of disappointments, our natural buds of opportunities suddenly arise when we persevere and don’t give up.  There is a grace in being knocked down to our knees and still looking up to the skies for direction and strength.  Spring has a way of pushing us in that direction.  We have to prepare for lighter weight of clothing as the weather changes in our surrounding environment.  In doing this physical ritual, don’t you feel a sense of exuberance of the new possibilities coming your way?  A new beginning appears; another chance is given to do this life thing differently and better than last year.  Spring symbolizes new life as the trees and flowers grow anew, so does our outlook.  Take a moment during your busy schedule to stand still and close your eyes.  Listen to your heart on what the universe is directing you to hear and feel.  What new challenges come to mind to embark on?  Who should you talk to; where should you go; what skills do you need to work on?  This is your time to excel into your new season.  

Embrace the new sun and allow it to warm your life’s flowers so new buds can sprout and you move to your next adventure on your journey.   Happy Spring.